Health Promotion Administration

Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan

The Health Promotion Administration (HPA), previously known as the Bureau of Health Promotion of the Department of Health, has a history that goes back to when the Department of Health Care, the Institute of Family Planning, the Institute of Public Health, and the Institute of Maternal and Child Health merged to become the “Bureau of Health Promotion” on July 12th, 2001. This government organization was formed to be responsible for health promotion and non-communicable disease prevention work. In accordance with the government’s organizational restructuring, the Bureau of Health Promotion became the Health Promotion Administration on July 23rd, 2013. It assumes a greater responsibility and promotes the spirit of “prevention is better than a cure.” We reinforce preventive medicine and community health, especially in response to the changing population structure and work to more closely integrate social welfare and cross-department resources. The HPA provides comprehensive health promotion services from womb to tomb and from families to communities. The goal is to prolong healthy life expectancy and reduce the health inequality gap so that citizens can live longer and better, regardless of wealth, region, gender, and ethnic groups.

Source:HPA Official Website